Mass of Reparation

Eve of the Feast of All Saints


Reading I (Revelation 7:2-4, 9-14)   Reading II (1 John 3:1-3)

Gospel (St. Matthew 5:1-12a)


This evening, as we gather in reparation for the crimes that will be taking place against he Blessed Sacrament this evening, it gives us reason to stop and think about what it is that we believe and why. This evening, those people who worship Satan will do one of two things. If they have an apostate Catholic priest, they will have a Black Mass. They will offer a sacrilegious Mass, a valid Mass, and they will desecrate the Eucharist in every possible way that you can imagine. It is too disgusting to attempt to describe what will happen this evening on those occasions. Here in the Twin Cities there will be a Black Mass. In the places where they do not have an apostate priest to be able to offer the Mass, the Satanists will break into a Catholic church and they will steal the Blessed Sacrament. Then they will gather and desecrate the Eucharist in the same kind of manner as they would if they had a Black Mass being offered.


There are a couple of things that we must understand in this. First of all, those people who worship Satan know there is only one place in the world that they can find Jesus Christ in the Eucharist. They will not break into any church other than a Catholic church. They will break into an Orthodox church if there are not any Catholic churches around because the Orthodox have the Eucharist as well. They will not try to break into a Protestant church because there is nothing there to steal. They will not even try to break into an Anglican church because all that is in their tabernacle is a piece of bread. They will break into a Catholic church because the Satanists believe absolutely – one hundred percent without one iota of a doubt – that Jesus Christ is truly present in the Blessed Sacrament. Would that our Catholic people had even half that faith! What the Satanists will do to try to get to the Lord is unspeakable. What Catholics do to try to stay away from the Lord is equally unspeakable! So God bless you for coming here tonight to offer your prayer in reparation for what will be happening.


You see, this all makes perfect sense when you consider the nature of the disobedience of these people. The practice of religion always goes back to where it began, to its roots. If you look at Catholicism, it goes back to the Cross. That is why we continue to offer the exact same sacrifice of Jesus Christ, because our religion began at the Cross on Calvary. The Protestant religion began in the 16th century; therefore, it is barren because where it began had nothing. The Jewish religion began by God revealing Himself to Moses and telling Moses that they were to practice what he had seen; but for the people believing in God, that took place primarily at the Exodus. So the highest feast day for the Jewish people is the Passover; it goes back to its roots.


Satanism is no different. It goes back to where its founder started, and its founder said, “Non serviam – I will not serve.” That is where they go back to. Jesus said, “He is a liar from the beginning,” and, “He is the father of lies.” He also said, “He is a murderer from the beginning.” He is rebellious and he is disobedient and he refuses to serve anyone other than himself. And so those who are going to follow him are going to practice their religion. The amazing thing, again, for us as Catholics to think about is how precisely they practice this unfortunate faith that they have; they practice it to a “t”. When they are supposed to have a ceremony, they all show up. The Satanic calendar is based on the calendar of the Catholic Church. So whenever we have a feast, they have a feast. When it comes to a Holy Day of Obligation, we have difficulty getting Catholics to come to church. When we have a Holy Day of Obligation, the Satanists all gather en masse in order to do despicable things. It is sad when there are human beings who are more than willing to gather together to desecrate God and we have to beg people to come worship Him.


When we look at the readings tonight, we see that those people who are in heaven are the ones who served. They are the ones who were obedient. They are the ones who have washed their robes and made them white in the Blood of the Lamb. They are the ones who have survived the period of great trial. In other words, they were obedient. They chose to serve rather than to be served. They chose charity and looking at God rather than looking at themselves and being selfish. So we have this clear dichotomy that is laid out for us in a particular way this night.


We had over in the school this evening well over a hundred little children dressed up as little saints and angels, beautifully costumed to celebrate All Saints’ Day. And then walking the streets today, we had lots of other little children dressed up as witches, demons, skeletons, and other things associated with evil. We must understand that for our society to celebrate Halloween the way that we do it is a religious celebration. This is not a secular thing; it is a religious thing. It is a celebration of the Satanic religion. The Satanists are celebrating today simply because the Catholic Church is celebrating All Saints’ Day. So for us to take part in putting up witches, demons, and other paraphernalia for Halloween is putting up religious symbolism. Just as we Catholics put up pictures, icons, crucifixes, medals, and the like, so do Satanists put up evil things. Why would anyone who professes their faith in Jesus Christ put up images that glorify Satan? They have no place in a Catholic home. And so again we have this clear dichotomy between two different ways: the way of Jesus Christ, Who came to serve; and the way of Satan, who said, “I will not serve.”


Now this becomes critically important for each one of us because we heard in the first reading that before God is going to punish the world He is going to put a seal on the foreheads of those He has chosen. And He has. At the moment you were baptized you were sealed with sacred chrism on your forehead. You were anointed as a priest, a prophet, and a king. That is exactly what you are doing here tonight. You are exercising your priesthood in coming to pray and offer reparation, a sacrifice, to make up for what is going on elsewhere tonight. You are practicing your prophetic office by your example in choosing Christ instead of what society is doing this evening. You are exercising your royal office by your service, to serve Christ and one another out of charity. So you have been marked; you have been sealed with the seal of God Himself. In so doing, what is said in the second reading is true therefore of each one of us: We have become children of God. And as children of God, we have to live according to what we have seen in the one Son of God, Who came to serve and not to be served, Who told us that He does only what He sees His Father doing, the One of Whom Saint Paul says, “He was obedient even until death, death on a cross.”


And so we have before us on this particular day, more clearly than any other throughout the year, two standards, two ways, two choices. They are not any different from the ones that have always been before us. It is the same choice Moses put before the people 3,500 years ago. “Today, I place before you,” he said, “life and death, the blessing and the curse.” We can simply add with clarity: Jesus or Satan, obedience or disobedience, to serve or to be served. That choice is ours. God has made His choice – He chose you. And your being here today says also that you have made your choice, that you have chosen Jesus Christ. God bless you for that choice.


Now it is to live that out and that is what we see in the Gospel reading, to live according to the Beatitudes. Remember, when a rabbi would sit down to teach that meant what he was about to say was definitive. It was not his opinion; it was not something that one could take lightly. When a rabbi sat down it meant that what was going to come out of his mouth was authoritative and everybody needed to listen. So at the beginning of the Gospel, which is the very beginning of the Sermon on the Mount, the very heart of Saint Matthew’s Gospel and the moral teaching of Jesus, we are told, “He gathered His disciples to Himself and He sat down and He began to teach.” And so what we have in these statements – The Beatitudes – is authoritative teaching from God Himself on the way we are to live our lives. If we are going to say “yes” to Jesus Christ, if we are going to say, “Yes, I will serve; yes, I will be obedient,” then that is what it means: to be an obedient child of God, to be marked with the seal of the living God. To make your robes white in the Blood of the Lamb is to be obedient in this time of trial. We live in a society in which we are surrounded with things that are evil, and so every single day for a Catholic person is an opportunity to exercise your faith, to face the trial, to make the choice. The angel told Saint John that those who had those white robes on had survived the period of great distress, not just a minor little trial but a great distress. And so we need every day to grow in holiness, to pray, and to be more obedient to God.


Again, when we look at those two standards, it never ceases to amaze me how a whole bunch of incredibly selfish people who only want to look out for themselves are willing to be so obedient to Satan himself, are willing to do anything he tells them to do, are willing to worship him, are willing to desecrate the Eucharist and violate God in any way that they can. If these unfortunate souls are willing to do that for someone as vile and disgusting as Satan himself, how much more should we who are children of our heavenly Father want to come before Him to love Him, to serve Him, and to be obedient to Him Who loves us and wants only what is the best for us. When you look at it, for obedience to Satan he offers them eternity in hell; for obedience to God He offers eternity in heaven. Look at the astounding obedience that these completely duped souls are giving to Satan. We who have the freedom of the children of God need to exercise that freedom in love.


So tonight as we continue on with Mass, stop to think about the fact that in an hour and a half the Satanists will be doing exactly what we are doing, except in a far more hideous and disgusting way. Tonight you have an opportunity as you do everyday to recognize and acknowledge your faith in the Real Presence of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, to love Him there and to offer yourself in union with Him, in sacrifice and reparation, for the sins that will be occurring this evening. And they occur more than once a year; they do this with some frequency, tragically. But we have an opportunity, in the face of the hatred that these people show Him, to console Jesus and to love Him. As we move on, just think of the Pieta, the beautiful statue here by the door, when Our Lady held her Son when they took Him down from the Cross. Think of what these wayward souls are doing to Our Lord tonight and hold Him, love Him, console Him, and worship Him with Our Lady and as Our Lady did. Hold Him in your heart and love Him there so that in the face of hatred, in the face of disobedience, in the face of selfishness Jesus will know that He is loved, that He is obeyed, and that He is served by those who are His children.



Feast of All Saints

Mass in the Morning


Reading I (Revelation 7:2-4, 9-14)   Reading II (1 John 3:1-3)

Gospel (St. Matthew 5:1-12a)


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