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March 2009
Fr. Altier: To Mortify or not To Mortify? - Argument of the Month - - CD Talk Available
Fr. Altier Lenten Retreat - Catholic Parents Online - CD's Talks Available

January 1st 2008 Added MP3 Audio of Fr Altier Homilies

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December 30th 2006 Added DSS Audio of Fr Altier Homilies 

March 2001
30th   Be virtuous

January 2002
20th   How to Stop Abortion
21st   Offer God Obedience!

Feburary 2002
4th  King David has sinned
6th  The effect of sin

12th   River of God's Grace
13th   Merciful judgment
18th   Mercy of God
22th   Do as Jeremiah did
25th   Suffering Servant Songs
30th   Easter Vigil
April  2002
5th   The loaves and the fishs

20th  Worldly Wisdom?

June 2002
2nd   Corpus Christi

July  2002
19th   King Hezekiah - Faithful King
22nd   Seeking Our Beloved
23rd   Sanctifying grace
24th   I formed you in the womb
31st   If you repent
November 2002
14th   End of the world
18th   Peter sinking in the water
22nd   A den of thieves
24th   Christ the King
25th   Two little copper coins
26th   Signs of the times
28th   Thanksgiving Day

January 2003
13th   Call to Conversion
15th   Took on our flesh & blood
16th   Am I growing stronger?
29th   The one sacrifice
31st   The mustard seed

March 2003
18th   Confession. White as snow
23rd   God allows these things
30th   Sinfulness of humanity
April 2003
1st   A little trickle of grace
7th   Humiliations purifies us
8th   Bronze serpent

May 2003

18th   We are the branches
22nd   Die to Self and Love

July 2003
16th   Our Lady of Mount Carmel
17th   Take My yoke upon
22nd   Era of Peace
27th   Who is the Messiah?
29th   Son of God is Love Himself

August 2003
1st   The carpenter’s son?
3rd   The Lord is near at hand
4th   Five loaves & the two fish
6th   The Transfiguration
7th   God Obeys the Pope?
8th   Loving and being loved

December 29th 2006 Added DSS Audio of Fr Altier Homilies 

January 2004
Kingdom divided against itselt
March   2004
14th  If you do not repent
18th  Give Yourself to God
May 2004
30th  Pentecost

June  2004
10th   Forgive now
11th   Fast and pray
14th   Your rights
20th   Father's Day
25th   Purified Hearts
July 2004
20th   Feast of Saint Elijah
21th   I formed you in the womb
22th   Her Love was Great Saint Mary Magdalene 
25th   Call ourselves Catholic
27th   Focus on Jesus
29th   Love one another
30th   Reject the Lord?
August 2004
1st  Prophet Hananiah

10th Our Lady of the Rosary

November 2004
Christ the King
Follow the Lamb
Pray, pray, pray!
Meditate on our death
Thanksgiving Day
Judge as per our deeds
Christmas Lights
Time of purification

December 2004

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God in the Eucharist
First Week of Advent
True Prayer is Work
Stump of Jesse
Path to Heaven
Gaudete Sunday
13th  14th  15th  16th  19th  20th Balaam the prophet
St John of the Cross
Does God Allow Evil?
Simply love Him
Hail, full of grace
21st 22nd  23rd 24th
Our Lord & Our Lady
Need to be Humble
What will this child be?
House of David
Christmas Day
Survival of the Family
27th 28th
29th 30th  31st
St John the Apostle
Holy Innocents
Caught Up in Christ
Deep in prayer
Spirit of Antichrist

December 29th 2006 Added Text Homilies by Fr Altier

November 2004
24th - Meditate on our death
25th - Thanksgiving Day
26th -  Judge as per our deeds

December 28th 2006 Added DSS Audio of Fr Altier Homilies 

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